creative, artistic director, character with delicate colors and loads of temperament. Witness of Italian musical culture through television shows, concerts, educational activities and publications in the world. Christian Raimo, music organizer and teacher with the title of the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory of Milan, is a continuous resource implementing projects, innovations for individuals and companies. Son of Art, born in Sanremo, the country where the words on the pentagram become music and poetry, strengthened by the experience lived alongside the Scaligeri and pontifical masters (Romano Gandolfi and Luigi Molfino) founded in Milan MUSIC WITH STYLE, which since 2010 realizes the place where ideas are passed to the execution of projects. Here the know-how is the first resource and it is partnership with those of the Art that makes a vocation: '' Living in Music '' is "Being". With an authentic passion for communicating values ​​whose uniqueness and originality is all Italian, the innovative figure leads him from the teaching at the Polytechnic Academy now Claudio Abbado of Milan to the drafting of new teaching methods, from the care of the liturgical celebrations of S.E. Carlo Maria Martini and Dionigi Tettamanzi, from the direction and artistic organization of civil and religious ceremonies for the Police Interforces, to the Milan Police Headquarters with Scarpis, Indolfi and Marangoni. Author of the first "Code of Ethics of the artist" published on iBooks Apple Store, renews the contemporary professional figure of the musician. In the Italian organ sector it is the first to found an organized structure of professors specialized in the civil and religious liturgical celebrations of the UNIVERSAL CHURCH. And so the "Ceremonial Planner" is born, a figure that assists priests in the organization of state, VIP and ordinary ceremonials. Cristian Raimo, is charged by the Milan Police Headquarters to establish the music service within the institutional events of the '' State Police - Italian Ministry of the Interior. Introduced for the first time the "Chorus of a hundred white voices" that will sing the national anthem in the presence of the highest state offices. Performer and guest on the stages of the Verdi Hall of the Milan Conservatory, the Triennale and the Dal Verme Theater of the city of fashion. At the Metropolitan Cathedral, the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the Don Gnocchi Foundation, the Memorial of Franca Sozzani, Gian Marco Moratti, etc. Each private or institutional production is designed and directed by Maestro Raimo with the collaboration of a dedicated team of technicians, solo artists and orchestra professors of international theaters where our Italian school is the custodian of that universal artistic heritage recognized in Giuseppe Verdi and Arturo Toscanini.