Courage is the product of purity, that vibration proper to every subject
Christian Raimo
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Master with the title of State conferred by the Giuseppe Verdi music conservatory in Milan. He is the "music planner" of the Vip families, the trusted person who takes care of events, ceremonies and concerts. Former teacher at the International Academy of Music, director, interpreter, composer in continuous research to innovate with all-Italian tradition.
Organizing is honoring with Arte
ChrIstian Raimo
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Doing business is for Christian Raimo an innovative style in the way of working and presenting the art. Born artist to become a teacher and his experience treasures it to transmit to young people the new way to put themselves at the service of society.
There are places where the scent of Art is in the air you breathe. You hear it in the people of Parma, as soon as you enter St. Peter's and on the stage of the Teatro alla Scala: it is in the DNA of the people and the places that are living witnesses
ChrIstian Raimo
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Creative, son of art. The father Enzo, companion with Lucio Battisti and Tullio De Piscopo ... The grandfather prof. Giacchino, while in Turin was conducting the orchestra of the famous Macario, in the city of flowers welcomed the artists of the Sanremo Festival in his prestigious casino hotel.